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There has been a growth of more than 500% in ‘near me’ searches over the last couple of years – and they’re not looking likely to slow down, so we need to ensure we’re catering to the new era of local search

While in the past, local search looked to research a local area, the purchase intent and immediacy of the new wave of location oriented searches has been increasing as mobile technology influences how we search and, therefore, the search and digital marketing industry.

For that reason, Click Consult has assembled an eBook that looks to offer some guidance to help you get your brand up to the required standard to capitalise on these ‘near me’ consumers – and to prepare for the shift in local search that is rapidly approaching.

The nature of the high street is changing – as is the way we shop – with experience, convenience and relationship with retailers all factoring in to our purchase decisions. Being where your consumers are is as good a place to start as any.

Your ‘Optimising for Location-Based Search’ eBook includes:

  • What is location based search?
  • A brief history of local search
  • Why local is increasingly a matter for mobile
  • Methods of optimising for local search using:
    • SERP features
    • Content
    • Link building

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There’s no easy answer and while best practice remains much the same as national search optimisation, the tweaks to strategy that are involved in areas such as content and link building are deviations from the norm, while structured data is a criminally underused technique.

However, a combination of standard best practice and focused local strategy can be the defining feature of a brand’s success or failure in local search – and as mobile technology makes it ever more important for the high street to be present online, local success may be the key to bigger things.

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