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Page experience is something we have discussed on our blog and in other resources in great detail over the last few years. We know that, if brands and businesses are to succeed online, they have to make a site that not only ranks for their target keywords and fulfills the users needs, but that offers a positive experience and reduces the risk of potential customers leaving the site. This resource will look at the complexities of page experience, the factors that make it important and what you can do to align your strategy with the fact that Google has announced that, in 2021, it will become a major ranking factor.

The developers at Google will make changes to its ranking algorithm by adding a combination of Core Web Vitals within their existing signals for page experience. These ranking changes won’t come into effect until next year (2021) and Google will provide at least 6 months’ notice before the update is fully rolled out.

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Why download ‘Page Experience: The Hidden Ranking Factor’ eBook?

It will show you how to enhance your organic search strategy by:

  • Discussing page experience
  • Helping to understand ranking factors
  • How to optimise for Web Core Vitals
  • Building pages with the user in mind
  • Implementing your strategy

Just like with the speed update and the prevalence that Google put on making the move to a more mobile way of searching, this update is one that could shape the future of search. In essence Google is saying that it is not enough to get your SEO in order and attract people to your site if your site offers a poor page experience. 

Brands and businesses who truly want to rise to the top of search need to make sure that the internal ranking factors match the external search signals. Customers demand a certain level of user experience and Google as a business wants to deliver the best results. In an ideal world, things like bounce rate would be eradicated and the Google algorithm would recommend a page based on a search and the user would click and convert in some way. 

This update has been given such a build up and audiences have been told about it in advance in order to ensure that changes can be made and there isn’t a mass drop in rankings. This is kind and completely unnecessary of Google, but most welcome.

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