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If there’s something that a brand should always be prepared for, it is success – yet despite business owners having faith in their brand, scalability is often overlooked, and at a cost

It is easy to assume that what works at the outset of a brand’s online activities will continue to work in perpetuity, however it is sadly not the case – there are few parts of growth online which are not impacted by a large increase in traffic and pages of content. Yet while stock levels and staff numbers may increase, there is often little thought given to the upscaling of SEO practices and processes.

There is substantial advice out there for small and medium sized sites, but not a tremendous amount dealing with large scale eCommerce platforms (sites with 10k+ pages), yet it doesn’t take much expansion for a medium sized site to reach this tipping point – a few extra product lines, a few extra category pages and the number can rise quickly, similarly one runaway offer can cause traffic to far exceed the expected, so how can a brand prepare?

‘SEO Optimisation – scalability for large websites’ features sections on the main areas of a brand’s digital presence that requires planning for operation at scale:

  1. Introduction – an explanation (or refresher) of what scalability is.
  2. Infrastructure – what should be considered when setting up a brand’s infrastructure.
  3. Your homepage – elements affected by growth and methods of preparation
  4. Category pages – how scalability should be a consideration when writing and organising category pages.
  5. Product pages, canonicalisation, link strategies and more…

Click Consult understands that even the largest brands cannot keep up to date with every single aspect of search marketing, that’s why it produces such comprehensive guides to the important, and sometimes overlooked aspects of search.

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