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RESOURCES. Creativity and SEO Content Creation

While there are innumerable factors involved in the calculation of the modern SERP, it is possible to boil them down to three themes – relevance, usefulness and authority – all of which allow ample room for creativity

Over the last couple of decades, Google has improved its algorithm and implemented numerous filters and penalties that have driven positive changes in the search marketing industry, making it a far more transparent industry than most, while serving almost as a unifying enemy that has allowed the industry to retain the cooperative feeling of the message boards it originated on.

However, one place that many brands and agencies have failed to adapt is in its attitude to content – which can either be seen as a necessary evil, or as outreach material only. This is no longer the case, and the realities of the modern web require that attitudes to content creation need to change.

Our ‘Creativity and SEO Content Creation’ eBook contains sections on:

  • Are creativity and SEO incompatible?
  • Relevance
  • Usefulness
  • Authority

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Whether you’re primarily a word or number person, SEO and search in general is increasingly requiring that you mix your skills – content creators need to learn more about the inner workings of SEO and coders and SEOs need to learn the requirements of good content. Search is increasingly demanding of its practitioners, but there’s no need to believe that we aren’t capable of cross-skilling to get the most from our work.

For more information on getting creative, you can download our specialised SEO Uncovered series, which provides details on how to combine technical SEO with creativity, how to build authority through building relationships and how to measure your success.

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