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Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines are detailed instructions given to the thousands of human raters that it employs to manually evaluate the quality of the search results returned by Google, and penalise those that violate Google’s Quality Guidelines

For website owners looking to improve their position in search engine results, access to the Quality Rater Guidelines seems like an amazing glimpse into Google’s ranking algorithm. While Google’s never going to give away the secret ingredients for the search results it returns, the Guidelines – which have only been made public since 2015 and undergo regular updates – do offer some incredible insight into what Google views as quality – and not-so-quality – and the types of pages it wants to serve at the top of their search results.

This eBook pulls out the most actionable points from the Guidelines – there are two main takeaways that we explore in more depth. You should be:

  • Creating unique and informational content.
  • Demonstrating the credibility of both your website and its writers.

Working towards achieving and maintaining this will lead to a better user experience (UX) and correlates generally with a better conversion and retention rate.

What’s in the eBook?

  • An introduction to Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines.
  • ‘Your Money Or Your Life’ (YMYL) websites – what are they and does your site fall under this definition?
  • EAT (expertise, authority and trustworthiness) – does your website content and its writers demonstrate these qualities?
  • Google’s core algorithm update – the relationship between Google’s ranking algorithm and the guidance it gives to raters.
  • What Google tells its raters to look for – the main points and how they can help you steer your SEO strategy.
  • Dos and don’ts – practical advice drawn from the Quality Rater Guidelines.

SEO strategies now need to be more detailed and cover a variety of factors, both on-page and off-page, and you need to keep a close eye on industry trends and Google updates.

While our award-winning organic search experts can provide a full SEO service – from an in-depth analysis of your site to ongoing optimisation and maintenance – we understand that some businesses prefer to keep search marketing in-house. So we can also offer bespoke in-house training and consultation to your existing team.

Cut through the noise of your competitors and make your brand stand out from the crowd – contact us today for your free SEO audit!

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