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The way brands and businesses of all sizes are working in 2021 has changed beyond all recognition. The people behind the scene are working from home, the customers can get to physical locations and the audiences are changing largely due to an increased use of social and digital media.

In order to thrive and in some cases survive, it is imperative that businesses adapt and that they invest in their search marketing in order to get the best results. Developing your offering or tweaking an existing strategy is fine as a starting point but one thing that isn’t often considered is how the changes behind the scenes reflect in the real world. Users want not only the best answer to their queries but they want a positive user experience (UX) to match.

That’s why when it comes to your website you need to make them more accessible and more user friendly. This guide will look at some of the things you can do to make sure both boxes are ticked and addresses the reasons some sites do better than others when it comes to UX.

The ‘UX and Accessibility – Building Better Websites’ eBook includes:

  • What is UX?
  • What is digital accessibility?
  • Factors that may affect accessibility
  • Is accessibility the new UX?

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The single most important thing for any business is that they make sales and gain conversions. That is the only way to truly maintain a business and for that reason you need to make sure that you are not only attracting an audience but that you are retaining them. 

Good UX is the only way to truly do this – if you have a page or website that doesn’t load, isn’t responsive or is thin on content then you have little hope of keeping them. If the site isn’t accessible to those with a particular set of needs then you have no chance. 

This eBook has covered some of the pitfalls that brands fall into and some of the quick wins in terms of changes that you can make today. What are you waiting for?

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