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When you operate online you need to make sure that you have a strategy that will engage with your audience in a variety of ways. One of the most common reasons for businesses not making conversions is that they could be missing the ‘touchpoint’ with which a user is likely to download information or make a purchase

There are numerous questions that you need to ask when it comes to building out a strategy that will engage with your audience and encourage them to convert. This eBook will look at many of these and help you to offer the best user experience (UX) possible.

What is UX?

Essentially user experience or UX is the practice of making sure that you are offering the best possible online service to your sites visitors. This is vital if you are to retain existing business and win new customers.

What is a customer touchpoint?

A customer touchpoint is the part of your site or marketing activity that engages with the user and whereby they connect with your brand. They are your brand’s points of customer contact, from start to finish. This could be in the form of a sale or an enquiry and this will depend on where they are in the sales funnel. The main difference with a touchpoint is that it is the place of an interaction and not the channel in which they have found you.

You can separate touchpoints out into three distinct groups:

  • Marketing channels (email, phone, social media, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, etc).
  • Research channels (website, consumer forums, customer services – chatbots, etc).
  • Order fulfilment (delivery, payment, returns, etc).

This eBook looks at the following:

  • What is UX?
  • What is a customer touchpoint?
  • Why do they both matter?
  • How does it link in with SEO?
  • The importance of UX
  • Audience profiling
  • Competitor analysis
  • And more…

You can use this resource and the exercises within it to jumpstart your UX strategy for online success. But remember that it’s as an ongoing process; it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse to pick up on emerging trends, find inspiration and act on new opportunities.

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