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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a critical search marketing technique ensuring the best and easiest path to purchase, and that ultimately it offers the best user experience to deliver conversion

When we look at the ways in which website optimisation can lead to better conversion rates there are plenty of tactics that can be implemented, these eBook will cover them in detail.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a search marketing practice which engineers the consumer journey, emphasising positive user experience (UX) and learning from user interaction, to maximise the percentage of visitors to a website that complete a chosen action.

The process, which took and developed on ideas and principles established in the practice of direct marketing – a subset of marketing which also used continual trial and improvement methods – such as A/B testing, audience testing and A/B split testing to optimise marketing campaigns.

The ‘Website Optimisation for Better Conversion Rates’ eBook includes the following sections:

  • What is conversion rate optimisation (CRO)?
  • Why is conversion rate optimisation (CRO) important?
  • How can conversion rate optimisation (CRO) grow your business?
  • Optimising your existing website
  • How can we use data to improve CRO?
  • Things to remember when optimising for CRO
  • And more…

It makes sense that all businesses optimise their website in order to increase their chance of improving conversions but it makes more sense to do it in an analytical manner. If you are able to identify your audience and use real time statistics and analytics, you will be best placed to improve performance further.

If you are able to identify exactly who your customers are and how they are finding your website you have cracked half of the problem. If you can then see exactly where they are going on your site and how they move around it, what they look at, how much they spend and how many visits it takes to convert you can compile this to streamline your strategy. You can shake off all the things that aren’t working and concentrate on the ones that are, you can also learn as you add new products and services.

CRO is a case of trial and error and of constant learning. As your audience grows and the number of conversions that your audience make grows you collect more data and therefore have more evidence as to how and why you should change your strategy.

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