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The best display advertising strategies utilise a combination of different ad types. Using several formats and sizes increases the reach and potential frequency of your ads being seen by your target audience.

Most campaigns will have a combination of standard text ads, image and rich media banner ads and video ads. Each type is available in various shapes and sizes and a combination of each is required to gain optimum performance.
There are several new or non-standard display advertising formats that we can also incorporate into your campaigns:

Text ads

Display text ads are built using lines of advertising text; often the same format as paid search ads shown on search engine results pages. You can tailor your messages with dynamic remarketing and increase click-through-rates using dynamic keyword insertion.

Display Advertising Cheat Sheet

Image ads

Image ads can be used to capture people’s attention as they browse websites, enticing them to your site using a combination of graphics and text. The different networks contain thousands of sites and apps on which image ads can be displayed. Image ads can be static or contain moving elements to highlight your message.

Rich media

A rich media ad contains images or video and involves some kind of user interaction. The initial load of a rich media ad is 40K or more. While text ads sell with words and display ads sell with pictures, rich media ads offer more ways to involve an audience with an ad. The ad can expand, float, peel down, etc. And you can access aggregated metrics on your audience’s behaviour, including number of expansions, multiple exits and video completions.

an example of a rich text media ad

Pictured above: An example of a rich text media ad

 Video ads

Video ads can be placed across the web, but YouTube is the most popular platform. Unlike with TV, your video ads don’t have to be short; you can take as long as you need to tell a story – just keep it engaging.

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Are the most personalised ads showing users the exact products users have been viewing during their visit to your site. Despite the requirement to run a merchant centre, this type of ad can also be utilised by certain lead generation business sectors. Your merchant centre can be set up and optimised by Click Consult using our proprietary feedTRAX™ software.

Google Lightbox Ads

Lightbox Ad is a rich media display ad format that brings a fullscreen creative to engage users with your brand’s story. The ad can contain high definition content including YouTube videos, games or a catalogue shopping experience. When user engages with the banner the ad expands taking a dominant position in the forefront creating a dimming effect on the page underneath which gives great opportunity of brand exposure. We would recommend this format to strengthen brand-to-consumer relationships and tell your brand’s story by letting the consumers engage with your ad content.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) is a standalone ad format that appears in user’s personal Gmail account in promotions tab and looks like a regular email message. Once user clicks on the teaser message, the ad expands showing full creative. The ad can feature products, an image creative or a html ad that can contain multiple links or contact forms for direct engagement.

We use keywords to contextually target the ads to the content of users’ inbox which facilitates high ad relevance. We recommend GSPs for top of the funnel brand awareness as well as direct lead generation with in-ad contact forms.

TrueView Ads

With TrueView you can advertise your products and services with video content on YouTube. Get your ads in front of hundreds of millions of viewers paying only when users find your content interesting and view your video.

At Click Consult we have a specialised team managing YouTube advertising and integrating it into your comprehensive display strategy. YouTube is a great advertising channel for almost any type of business allowing you to reach your audience in a creative and engaging way.

Native Ads

Native display advertising uses ads that automatically adjust themselves to the webpage they appear on, matching the format and function of the site. Native ads look and behave as if they were a part of the site they appear on. Yahoo’s research into display ad performance has proven that native ads generate 3.6 times higher uplift in brand searches than regular display ads and 3.9 times greater uplift in the website view-through rate.
At Click Consult we use Yahoo Gemini to publish native ads across Yahoo Display Network that services on average 400 million users monthly on Yahoo products like Mail, Mobile Search, News, Sports, Finance, Celebrity, Movies, TV, Music, Travel, Homes, Autos and My Yahoo. The platform also allows managing tablet, mobile and desktop traffic separately allowing us to formulate a more granular bidding strategy.

While text ads sell with words and display ads sell with pictures, rich media ads offer more ways to involve an audience with an ad… ads can expand, float, peel down and more


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