This month in social media (September 2019)

Oct 1st, 2019

With Apple launching their new iPhone 11 series in September, this brought with it a range of new updates for users, such as dark mode and new apps. Along with this, the world of social media has followed suit with a variety of new features to enhance creativity amongst its users

Below we take a look at some of the major social media news coming out of September:

Validate your skills on LinkedIn

This is nothing new as a whole, with a variety of external examining bodies already creating this function to showcase qualifications on LinkedIn (such as Hootsuite Academy), but this is the first time LinkedIn have utilised this internally.

The rollout of a new ‘Skill Assessments’ feature will be a welcoming feature to many on the social channel, which almost acts as a CV for recruiters across a range of industries. 76% of people surveyed said they currently wish they could verify their skills to stand out. How does it work? Well, through short quizzes and content creation, users can showcase their new badge on their profile, fully LinkedIn verified.

Facebook’s new multiplayer VR world

Facebook’s new VR sandbox universe, Horizon, has been announced in September, but isn’t set to launch until 2020, with closed betas coming early in the year. The platform will allow users to design their own avatars, watch movies, play games and travel through environments, all through virtual reality.

They plan to make it safe for all, with it including ‘Horizon Locals’, who are real human guides who will give assistance throughout the world. Definitely something to keep an eye out for as they announce more news in the build up to launch.

Snapchat’s new 3D camera mode

Following on from their launch announcement of Spectacles 3, which is set to be launched in November, Snapchat has been busy adding a further range of features to ensure the social channel isn’t being left behind by competitors.

3D camera mode, will be something available to those with an iPhone X or later (such as the iPhone 11 we mentioned earlier), and it will allow users to create and send snaps in 3D to their friends and followers. They’ll also be introducing several new 3D effects within the filter carousel, in which they have described in their own words as “bringing your world and experience to life in a way that’s a step closer to the real thing”.

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