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  • Chapter One: Technical
  • Chapter Two: Strategy
  • Chapter Three: Creative
  • Chapter Four: Relationships
  • Chapter Five: Analytics & Measurability

We create powerful and engaging campaign concepts that make sure your brand gets seen in the right place, by the right audience

It starts with an idea

Every great campaign starts with a great idea. Here at Click Consult, our experts from various departments within the business get together to understand your organic search objectives and how they can be developed through a strong creative idea, based on both industry and audience research.

We then spread the word via the unique relationships our team has built with influential bloggers, targeting those who share your audience demographic.

How do campaigns work?

From an initial idea to working with influencers and relevant bloggers, each campaign is strategically planned from beginning to end. Taking into consideration your company objectives, target audience and industry trends a campaign is developed, and an asset created, which forms the required relevancy bridge to begin outreach activities.

When outreaching there are benefits for both parties; bloggers receive high quality content tailored to their audience, and for the client the exchange of content helps to strengthen their website’s organic search profile by creating strong, natural backlinks, which signals to Google that your website has trust and authority.

Why choose us for your outreach campaign?

We’re experts at planning, creating and delivering award-winning campaigns to support SEO for your website.

  • Track record of achieving tangible, results for outreach campaigns
  • Strong relationships with digital influencers
  • Highly experienced and creative delivery team
  • Strategic insights across creative and technical
  • Holistic approach to SEO and link building
  • Client involvement from concept idea
  • Brand consistent campaign themes

Not all content marketing campaigns are SEO driven, some may be focused on social outreach, digital PR, and/or editorial to meet objectives. On occasion it may be necessary to create a hybrid campaign strategy, which uses all outreach options to ensure your objectives are met.

Our campaign strategy

Based on your objectives, we develop a campaign strategy with the aim of creating a natural linking pattern, placed in targeted locations, and based on your brand’s key search term(s).

Using our in-house outreach management platform, linkTRAX, allows the team to identify appropriate bloggers to involve in the campaign and begin liaising and engaging with these influencers.

We then create a campaign concept that will encourage these digital influencers to create a post about a subject that is natural to their blog, interests and experience, while linking back to your site.

Pivotal to our campaigns is the creation of bespoke visual content (such as an eBook or infographic) that is highly shareable and audience-relevant. You can view examples of the infographic design, video marketing and eBook campaigns work we’ve done for our clients.

We work on targeted engagement with bloggers to encourage them to post the content, share on social media, and collaborate with them on the creation of content if required.

We regularly review your strategy and brainstorm new ideas, ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest quality content, the most innovative strategy, and sustainable results.

Campaign research

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to our campaign strategy or execution. A vital period of in-depth research forms the foundation of success – this is where we analyse your industry and target demographics, identify the most effective type of content and method of delivery for your audience, and explore how this could be leveraged through our relationships with bloggers and influencers.

Research does not stop once the campaign gets going, our outreach service includes monitoring the campaigns performance and altering the strategy if necessary, by looking for relevant trends and industry news.

Campaign reporting

As well as receiving performance stats throughout the duration of a campaign, you’ll receive an in-depth report analysing the success of the campaign, in particular looking at the quantity and quality of links earned, number of brand mentions, how the campaign performed on social media and any initial impact on organic visibility.

Blogger Outreach for Campaigns

A successful outreach campaign is underpinned by the ability to create high-quality content assets for your brand, and ensure it’s featured by the relevant bloggers and thought leaders. At Click Consult, we develop and nurture close relationships with a diverse range of influential bloggers to approach to feature bespoke content on behalf of your brand

Campaign content creation

Great content helps you to stand out from the competition, provides your customers with a great resource, is loved by search engines and is highly shareable. Its aim is to help influence consumer behaviour by encouraging customers to interact with your brand, and broaden your audience, as well as to build natural, organic links to your site from respected sources.

The aim of every campaign is to develop brand awareness and encourage a natural pick up of your campaign by targeted bloggers, which will ultimately develop your online visibility.

We create a wide range of highly shareable content assets for our clients, including eBooks, infographics and video.

Relationships with bloggers

An essential element of our outreach campaign process is a genuine interest in the bloggers we approach – we strive to build and maintain productive working relationships with them and offer them only content we know will appeal to them and their own audiences.

We’re committed to a content partnership on an individual basis, crafting bespoke content for each blogger, and encouraging their input and collaboration where appropriate. Checking in with each blogger at various stages of the partnership helps us to personalise our approach and reinforces the point that this process is not a sales pitch; it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

We use linkTRAX, our bespoke outreach management platform to identify the most suitable bloggers to connect with during your outreach activity, taking into account domain authority and demographics such as such as language, location, theme, audience, influence.

This ensures that each strategy involves contacting right people, with the right content, at the right time.

Social media outreach

Ensuring that your campaign reaches the right audience on the right platform is where our social media expertise comes into its own. We develop your campaign’s social media engagement strategy with the user and content at heart, targeting bloggers specifically for the relevance of their social media presence.

The buzz created by regular social media activity is important in boosting the reach of your campaign. Leveraging your content through these channels is a powerful way of spreading your message to a relevant audience and increasing brand awareness.

Social engagement represents a public endorsement of your website and, as it’s user-generated and authentic, it’s considered trustworthy by users (known as ‘social proof’).

PR and editorial outreach

Our understanding of the complex media landscape and established relationships with media editors means we’re able to develop high valuable journalistic content, and ensure it builds valuable visibility for your brand.

We can identify areas of potential press interest and carry out primary research in order to construct a unique, highly relevant press release to be delivered to appropriate publications and/or contributors.

At Click Consult, campaign asset creation is something of a speciality. Picking up on popular themes and highly visible ideas on the web, our creative experts develop and craft unique and engaging content, tailored to your brand image and company objectives

Beth Rycroft, Head of Campaigns & Social

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